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Robotic Process Automation for the Modern Enterprise


“Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” ― Will Rogers

The word ‘Enterprise’ has conjured of different kinds of emotions at different times. There were times when the enterprises had an upper hand over what the people were forced to consume right from beauty products until the new technology of that day which included things like the portable audio player.

Today, if we are looking at an enterprise, we are looking at a company that is driven by the needs of the people and the market and also the projection to reinvent the market according to the needs of the people, or rather the fantasies of the people rather than to push their own products into the throats of the consumers. Give paragraph modern Enterprises also have to deal with the cut-throat competition where the discrepancy in the quality from one to other is barely noticeable for the end user. This statement holds good not only for physically tangible products that are used by the common public but also the enterprise products and the software or applications that are used by businesses for different processes.

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Modern Enterprises seek to relieve itself of the mundane tasks and tries to concentrate on the future which is driven by the fear that their competitors might have already got up with! Given these properties and parameters of a modern enterprise, it is important that these organizations take care to use their human resources in the most constructive way possible and not to invest the human EQ in the places where it might not be needed. This is precisely where the importance of robotic process automation or RPA fits in a modern Enterprise.

Let us analyze a few reasons why the modern Enterprise considers the robotic process automation very important.

Focus on customers

The end customer drives the product today. If the organizations do not get to the need of the customer, not just in the present but also for the future, they are not going to survive! The companies like Nokia and Kodak are excellent examples of how you can go from market leader to almost unrecognizable by millennials kind of a brand if the needs of the customer are not being met.

The customer of today expects immediate answers and quicker turnaround times for solutions. It is almost impossible to humanely be there in front of a computer for continuous amounts of time. However, with the robotic process automation in place and with a few fix it algorithms, quite a considerable part of the support system can be automated. This not only gives the employees a better way to deal with the customers but also results in an increased quotient of customer satisfaction with an immediate response and increased accuracy reducing the probability of a human error occurring in the interaction. On a mildly emotional note, it also gives the customer satisfaction of having solved the problem themselves!

Robotic process automation gives the company not just the time to focus on the customer sentiments but also provides a medium to passively collect data that will serve as yardsticks for the measurement of customer sentiment with regards to a particular product or even a line of products.

Focus on Revenue

That might be different focal points for different organizations, but it all culminates at anything revenues for the company. Revenue can only be brought about by maximizing the customer base or bringing about a better product why optimizing the cost of producing and maintaining the same. It is only for a valid reason in terms of revenue that organizations are focusing on Robotic Process Automation.

Source: Hfs Research

In every aspect of increasing revenue, robotic process automation finds its relevance. Increasing the customer base solely depends on streamlined sales and effective marketing for both of which robotic process automation can assist. The algorithm-controlled parts of the sales can be taken over by RPA and with respect to marketing, emailing the customers who have submitted their information you can also be automated.

The support team can work in tandem with the product team to take a continuous note of the issues faced by the customers and evaluate the ideas for the new products. This evaluation doesn’t have to be done only with the company’s product but also with that of the competitors.

While robotic process automation can seem like an expense initially, it will surely turn out to be a great source of revenue in the long run and it is only a matter of time before you see the point of breaking even!

Focus on employees

 The customer satisfaction and the revenue targets are heavily contingent upon happy employees. The workforce of today, especially in the technology related products and services, expects more than just a mundane day and a payment at the end of the month. They look forward to learning and participation. In situations like this, it is important to address the needs of the employees in the pursuit of holding together the above two aspects.

“When you were making excuses someone else was making enterprise.” ― Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words

 Talking from an employee perspective, employees feel better when their human side is considered, and the insights are given certain value in important company decisions. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is the lowest rung of the support staff that is in direct touch with the emotions of the customer. With robotic process automation in place, there is a certain room that is given for those employees to study the customer and not just look at solving the problem but also take a little bit of time and focus in finding out the recurring flaws in the product or service.

In today’s world of emerging startups with a totally different culture, and flatter organizations where the entry-level employee will not have any problem or Red Tape in getting Direct Access to communicating with the CXO level officers, robotic process automation brings in a place where the ideas can Spring up from anywhere!

The Evolving Definition of Enterprise

If there is something that has been learned in the past couple of decades when it comes to products and services, it can be seen that the major focus is on data and information. You are either a person who facilitates the collection and Organization of data or you are someone who uses the collected and organize data for your product or service. This aspect has given a lot of importance to customers and Statistics. Both these aspects which were not present in the classical world of business have started to gain an unprecedented intensity of importance in recent years.

However, doing both of these can considerable cost in terms of human resources being wasted and also in the employees acquiring a certain slack in their working. To combat this, robotic process automation is the need of the Hour.

It is the advent and advantages of these Technologies that help organizations explore the uncharted territories of innovation and customer delight.

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